Party Hostess Helper

Are you having a party? Do you have dinner guests coming, a holiday party or celebration planned?
We, at Maid with Joy can help you feel like a guest at your own gathering so that you can enjoy the party too. We are here to help you with set-up, serving and clean-up so that you aren’t overwhelmed when your guests arrive. No occasion is too big or too small.

We, at Maid with Joy, have experienced workers to help you. Frequently, our clients schedule a house cleaning prior to their party so that the house is ready and clean for the guests. Then, the hostess helpers arrive before the party begins to help with kitchen clean-up, plating of food and setting of the
table. Then you can enjoy the party while the hostess helpers pick up dirty dishes, cups and napkins.
They can serve and wash dishes while you enjoy your guests. When the party is over, your kitchen will be
clean, the leftovers will be stored in containers, and you won’t have to stay up after the party and clean.

Plan ahead for your Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s bash. We work in homes or event spaces and we’ll send the best helpers.