Why an agency?

You might be wondering “Why would I need a referral agency? Can’t I just find a cleaner on my own without your help?

If you want the least hassle possible, have access to the best cleaners around, and free up your precious spare time, then there is no better option than to let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will chose a crew for your job. Big or small. One time, occasionally, or on a regular basis. It makes finding or hiring a housekeeper a lot easier that asking a neighbor or pouring over Craigslist!

Your will get referred to a verified team and if you don’t like your team you can always ask us to recommend a different crew. Some of our of crews have been associated with us for over 10 years.

1. Referral Agencies Give You Options: Imagine that you have guests coming and at the last minute your housekeeper says “sorry I can’t make it.” Now what. As an agency we will always be able to dispatch a crew to you even if yours becomes unavailable. Don’t worry, with Maid with Joy you have access to our entire staff and all of our amazing domestic workers.
2. Referral Agencies Work On Your Behalf: Hiring an independent housekeeper on your own requires you to take the initiative to check their background and eligibility to work in the U.S. Or crews come with references and are very will known to us.
3. Referral Agencies Support Independent Workers: All of this flexibility isn’t just good for clients it’s awesome for the domestic workers. They can juggle their time to accommodate their own availability and needs. Ultimately, more of your money goes to the workers. We have minimal on-site staff and do not micro-manage the workers.
4. Referral Agencies Make Economic Sense: Referral Agencies are good for the economy, the housekeeper and the client. Referral Agencies empower independent domestic workers to obtain good customers and reduce the use of underground unreported workers.
That’s good for California, which reports a loss of $6.5 billion in tax revenue every year from the underground market.

Will the domestic worker come with all of the necessary supplies and equipment?
They will bring all normal supplies and equipment. If you would prefer them to use yours or some special marble or stainless cleaner, that will be fine.
Can I tell my domestic workers what to do?
Of course you can give instructions. You can give us your specific instructions and we will pass them along to the maids. While they are there let them do the cleaning…what they do best. After the work is completed, you can go around with them to make sure the job is to your liking. If you’re not home when they finish, let us know if any work needs to be done differently.
Are the domestic workers Maid with Joy employees?
No. We do not train or exercise any direct control over the workers. Our job is to find and vet the BEST cleaners in the market and match them with your needs. We can call on our regular crews, our post-construction specialists, our carpet cleaners, window washers, power washers, and also party hostess helpers. Ask us and we will find the help.
How can I be sure I will like the service?
That is where the office comes in: we will make sure that you are happy that your work has been done properly. This will include, perhaps, going back to do something we might have missed.
Do I need to be there?
No you don’t. Many of our regular customers make their keys available so we can clean while they are gone. Since our people are very will known to us, this is perfectly safe.