Maid with Joy has experienced professionals who have performed construction clean-ups for established contractors, builders and real estate agents. We have built relationships with companies throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and have cleaned both new construction and remodels. Our teams are experienced at cleaning high end interiors and are knowledgeable about using the proper products to clean a variety of surfaces: stone, marble, granite, brass, stainless steel, polished nickel, ceramic tiles, cement, glass, porcelain, wood.
When we send an experienced team to clean a home or fine estate, they most typically do the following to prepare a home for move-in or sale.
Kitchen: detail interior and exterior of all cabinets, closets, drawers, ovens, refrigerators, shine fixtures hardware. Wipe all surface areas to remove fine dust including: counters, walls, sinks, and open shelving.
Bathrooms: clean all surface areas including inside and outside of all cabinets and drawers. Dust all walls and doors. Clean all tile, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs. Shine all fixtures, glass and mirrors.
Bedrooms: Wipe shelving and drawers in all closets, dust walls, baseboards, doors, windowsills, hardware and light fixtures.
Common areas: dust all walls, baseboards and window frames
Floors: Vacuum corners and edges, Mop or vacuum.
Windows: Our professionals use special blades to remove overspray, clean all glass, screens, casings, sashes, shutters, frames and tracks.
Lighting: dust all lights, sconces.
Fireplaces: dust and clean the hearth and mantel.

Our team will present you with a sparkling home for you to move into or sell.