Maid with Joy has crews to help you before, after or even during your stay in your motorhome, yacht or RV. We are here to help. Simply call our customer service to schedule a professional cleaning. We will make your space clean and tidy.

Here’s What We Can Do:
We at Maid with Joy understand that each cleaning job is unique, so we strive to be flexible and tailor our cleanings to meet every customer’s needs. If you live in a boat, RV or yacht or use them occasionally, we can schedule a cleaning with an experienced crew.
Bathrooms: clean toilet, sink, shower and floors.
Kitchen galley: wipe down all surface areas, clean inside of appliances upon request, floors.
Bedroom or Stateroom: dust thoroughly, change linens upon request, vacuum floors.
Exterior: Power wash the exterior of your RV or motorhome.
Let our experienced crews do the work!