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Spring Cleaning!

tulip-115036_1920Those from areas outside Southern California would say that we get spring all year round! Here in Los Angeles, however, we CLAIM our “winter” fiercely with light cotton scarves and chunky boots.

Though our flowers tend to bloom year round and the sun shines on most day, we still go round the sun and feel our own little version of the seasons – days getting longer, holiday hustle sliding into a state of hibernation which eventually awakens to spring fever. Planting flowers, first dates and of course…spring cleaning!

The origins of the spring cleaning tradition are mixed. Some say it ties in with the Jewish custom of cleansing the home before Passover. It’s also present in early Christian heritages, in preparation for Easter and Palm Sunday. The custom can be traced back to celebration of the Persian New Year. Most likely, it stems from the days in which homes were heated with fire and coal…causing the house to be filled and sullied with smoke, soot and ash throughout the long winter. Spring cleaning was a time to beat down rugs, wash the walls, open windows and rid the home of soot.

Today, it means fresh air and sunshine. Throwing on some good tunes and washing the windows. Citrus scents, first garden berries and cut flowers in a glass. Transferring the winter wardrobe to the lighter materials and colors of spring and summer. Refreshing ritual and organization. Release and relief. Optimism. Minimalism. Looking ahead.

Happy, happy Spring!

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