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What a girl really wants.

heart-762564_1280It’s Valentine’s Day. You bought her flowers and chocolate, scored the elusive reservation for two – no easy feat in L.A.

Perhaps you found a good Groupon for a massage or a 10-pass at the new yoga studio down the street.

Even if you went above and beyond – postcards from where you first vacationed together, perhaps, or concert tickets for her favorite band…chances are she was expecting SOMETHING. It’s Valentine’s Day. SOMETHING must happen.

But what about the day after Valentine’s Day? And the day after that? What gets her going once the once a year lingerie goes back in the drawer?

A clean house. Honestly. Truly.

She wants YOU to do the dishes – happily and without being asked. She wants the dirty laundry to land in the hamper. A simple wipe of the toothpaste smudge in the sink goes a long way. AND – ahem – she wants a cleaning crew. She want you to support that decision wholeheartedly and unapologetically – because she works too hard, because she deserves help, because a clean house is happiness. A clean house is foreplay.

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